Perfect Valentine gift ideas for him & her

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Anniversary, birthday, Christmas and of course Valentine's Day… What do they have in common except overall love and happiness? Gift-giving! You don't have to spend a lot of money to express your love. Bear in mind you have to recognize person's taste and interest to give them something thoughtful.

Female sign Ideas for her - ideas for the ladies

A photo of you two

It would be great if you can find your best photos and make a cute collage or a screensaver. Also, you can make your photo as a puzzle or put a hilarious photo with an inside joke on a cup in order to bring a smile on her face every morning when she takes a cup of coffee. Remember, the most appreciated gift is the one in which you have invested time and love.

Sexy underwear or cute PJs

Take a peek at the stores with underwear, because there you can find cute pajamas with various motifs and patterns, beautiful gowns or robes or cute, fuzzy slippers that will warm her up when you're not around to cuddle.

A dinner

Not all women go for expensive dinners in luxurious restaurants where you are being served by waiters using white gloves. It would be better if you could work hard and prepare a delicious meal for her that you can deliver to her's address, or better serve it in your apartment with a glass of wine and romantic music in background.

A beauty basket

Guys can pack a beauty basket with a massage oil or a body butter that can be bought at the drugstore or a scrub, shower creme, a sponge and a towel in the appropriate color for their girls …You can also buy some makeup like a lip gloss, mascara or a nail polish, you can't go wrong with that.

A necklace with a pendant in the shape of heart

Every girl would like to boast in front of her friends with a beautiful keepsake such as a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a heart. It doesn't have to be the most expensive jewelry piece from jewelry shops, you can go for a cheaper option from other stores, but to make it more personal try engraving initials on the back of the pendant.

Generic cute, romantic stuff

These items probably first pop up in your head when you're thinking about surprising your girl: a love letter, a stuffed animal, box of chocolates, a red rose … Maybe it sounds a bit cliche but till this day girls still get mushy when receiving these gifts.

The key of your appartment or a toothbrush (only for couples who are not living together)

Can you imagine a more better way to ask your darling to move in with you? She will be caught off guard and this Valentine's Day will be remembered as a start of something new and a new step in your relationship.

Male sign Ideas for him - ideas for the gentlemen

Creative I love you gift

Take an old jar, write on little paper pieces reasons why you love them and put them in the jar. It's super cute and romantic. It doesn't have to be a jar, it can be any other creative gift you've made.

Customized gift

For example, buy him a new wallet and hide your photo in it or buy a necklace, phonecase or slippers with his name on it.

Gift basket

Put a ton of his favorite snacks and goodies in the basket or make a basket with different movies and have a movie marathon together.

Cologne scent or clothes

That's certainly an easy way out. You can't go wrong with these two. Be sure you know his right size before you go clothes shopping.

Stuff related to his hobbies

If he's into sports, cars or photography, look out for accessories for his collection.


Maybe he gave you a hint a couple of months ago what he wanted or needed but couldn't afford... a new belt, a tie, a new computer game? Listen to him carefully.

Fancy gift

We've left this idea for the end and it's for couples who have spare money or are mature and in long-term relationship or marriage. An expensive watch with a brand name or an Xbox. It depends again on his preferences.