A crooked tooth and more

Veljača 6, 2015 6:58 pm

1297606307312_4063527Imperfections. We all have them. Probably if you look yourself in a mirror you can name instantly 10 or more physical flaws. You call them flaws, but actually nowbody else sees it as a flaw.

A crooked tooth happened when you were 5 and got hit on a baseball match, a scar left from your operation when you fell off the bicycle, a tummy because you don’t spend every second of your life working out in a gym and the list could go on.

So many times I’ve encountered people who are extremely self-conscious of their looks and afraid of dating and meeting new people. Looks aren’t everything and if your crush (so highschool,right?) rejects you for a tiny little thing they weren’t that great after all. Imagine one day you can’t go out without make-up because you’re afraid how they’ll act. Do you really want to be in a relationship where you have to pretend? Be you and the right guy/girl will like you.

Valentine’s Day

Veljača 1, 2015 2:32 pm

ABOVEloveIn 13 days you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day. ” Finally THE day when I can profess my love and give my heart to my partner. I’ll kiss the ground on which he/she walks, I’ll dress up in my best suit (that’s actually too tight on my belly) or I finally found a reason to spend my money on that killer red dress….”

You haven’t found yourself in these words? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one Valentine’s Day pooper. When you ask people what’s their opinon on V day, you can probably see two polarized groups. Some people consider V day as a perfect chance to be lovey-dovey romantic and show their best moves, however others utterly hate ” love is in the air ” vibe. We’ll talk about both groups.

One question to trigger your mind : who is the happiest person at the end of the 14th of February? Maybe you and your significant other, but who else? Of course, a florist, a vendor, a barmen, a chef, a restaurant owner etc. They’re happy because they earned money. Thousands of red roses and boxes of chocolates are sold, restaurants are full ( and they raised prices in their menus!) and jewelry shops are also doing good. The cold truth is – you’ve fallen into the trap of commercialism. You’ve been brainwashed weeks before with all the corny and lame commercials. You have to buy this and you have to do exactly this, otherwise you’re not romantic.

Where’s the romance when you see long lines of guys at cash registers holding a bottle of wine, a chocolate and a teddybear? Are these gifts unique and specially made for your girl? I don’t see romance, I see laziness. By laziness I don’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive gifts, I mean where was this love and generosity hiding a year before? My intention isn’t to offend anybody, but I want to make something clear. There’s no law that says you have to buy or do anything special on V day. You can enjoy your time with your boo every single day! I’ll give you a hint : a big plus would be if you give her a flower on 4th of October. Why that day? Because you like/love her and there shouldn’t be any specific date in the year for showing love. If you still want to stick to Valentine’s Day, do something what pleases your interests. Watch a show you always watch before bedtime, cook together and try a new recipe, walk together your dogs… Just spend quality time together, don’t stress about buying unnecessary stuff.

Advice of the day : I hear Target’s having a sale on chocolates! (sarcasm alert)

Rapunzel & Pizzaman

Siječanj 27, 2015 10:57 pm

Rapunzel-Dreams---Disney-Wallpaper-2560x1600Even though this topic will seem corny and boring, I believe it’s good to revise the lecture you’ve heard a million times. With all the articles talking about signs if he/she is interested, people still come up with funny excuses for their crush. Here is an example from my friend.

This one girl was texting a guy for 6 months and they never met up. Long distance? No. They lived in the same small town, few minutes appart. The guy was delibarately cancelling their dates for 6 months. All this time my friend was waiting and waiting in despair they’ll eventually go out. She was waiting in a tower and her name was Rapunzel. No, she wasn’t a Disney character, but the story reminded me of a famous fairytale. The point is, don’t be a Rapunzel. Don’t wait for the guy (or girl because it’s applicable to both genders).

If a person likes you, they will show it. And now I hear voices from your head : ”he/she likes me, but now’s a busy time”. Stop it. If you always text them first, if they ignore your texts, answer a few hours (or days!!!) late, if they answer in yes/no versions without any sort of interest for you, if they cancel dates for 6 months… so many ifs and just 1 reason. They’re not interested. They don’t like you. They’re annoyed by you. Your feet smell (kidding, but check it, who knows). If a guy/girl likes you they will make time for you and they’ll want to talk to you all the time. Simple, but true. Don’t be blinded and read the signs on time. Save your time and go fishing somewhere else. Don’t blame them. It doesn’t matter how many rejections you get, it only makes you stronger (thank you Kelly Clarkson for the lyrics). Don’t dwell on the reasons why they rejected you. It doesn’t have to do with your hair-up or down or the colour of your lipstick. Be upfront and direct, search for signs of interest and stay or move depending on the outcome.

Today’s moto: The only guy who’s worth waiting for is the guy who brings pizza to your door. A pizzaman, duh.

An announcement & a little heads up

Siječanj 23, 2015 11:58 pm

7417419582_a4f681a467_oHello everyone!
We’re starting a series of articles, short stories and advice about the thing that makes the world go round. No, not about the money. Even though we’re not denying the fact that a one hundred dollar bill brings a smile on your face, for updates about stock market read the Financial times.

The subject of this matter is love. Good, old love. It survived centuries and centuries and now in 21st century it actually resembles somewhat to a car. Why to a car? Basically every living creature owns a car or daydreams about having a nice, expensive, good-looking car one day. People brag about their current car but they on the other hand change it very often for a new model. Sometimes they suffer for the previous car, sometimes they don’t. Some are never satisfied and like switching every two weeks to a new car. Some swear they’ll stick to one car for the rest of their life, but they keep driving two or more cars simultaneously. Recognize a familiar pattern? The point is a clone car or a clone love doesn’t exist.

Every love story is special, actually every human being has their own definition on what love is, how a relationship should look like, what is tolerable in one and what not.

Therefore our goal isn’t to preach about standards of love, but to offer a little piece of reading for every you out there. Yes, for you, a cat lady whose cat is rolled up around your legs. Yes, for you, a grumpy divorced bank clerk with a beer belly. Yes, for you, a rebellious 16year old girl who likes to sneak through the window and yes of course we’re here for you, a suspiciously looking Turkish guy who sends illiterate texts to minors. Just kidding, you’re out.
We’ll discuss every interesting topic about L-word.

Stay tuned for more.

P.S. Don’t read about stock market. You’ll get depressed and earn wrinkles on your forehead.