Discover a new way how to express your love to a significant other!
Seal your love with a virtual love lock!

Love locks bridge

In the past few years a culture of love locks has spread all around the world. In many European cities like Paris, Rome or London couples and sweethearts take their chances and hang love padlocks on bridges, fences and other locations as a sign of faith and hope in true love till infinity. Usually the lovers' names or initials are inscribed on the surface of the lock, and its key is thrown away to represent the unbreakable bond of two connected hearts.

But what if you haven't had an opportunity to visit famous locations and leave your love lock? We, from, came up with an idea to make and personalize your own first virtual love lock. Pick out your lock from 3 categories depending on information you want to give.

Remember your song from your wedding day? What's your favorite photo from your road trip? Do you just want to leave a cute note to your loved one? Check out our locks and write in your favorite romantic moments. Close your lock untill Valentine's Day when we'll suprise your partner by sending an e-mail to his/her's address. Or don't lock it at all and an e-mail will be sent right away.